Name Every Hero
PublisherFeeling Game Company
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Unlimited Money
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Updated in September 6, 2022

Every Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an action game fighting with hundreds of enemies. If you want to assert your strength to become a hero, download every hero for Android, IOS, and PC.

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Every Hero MOD APK – A game of action, attack and win!

Become a hero

I am the type of person who likes to change in a positive way and while having fun, I always explore new game genres and have many attractive features. It’s lucky to experience an action game where you are transformed into a hero.

Hero is a phrase that always feels proud when mentioned and that hero phrase everyone wants to be. Heroes are present in many aspects of this life. In the virtual world too, the word hero is appropriate for players who love action. Want to conquer evil destroy evil enemies. Become a powerful hero through battles.

Wanting to be a hero is very simple, the Every Hero game meets all the requirements of wanting to assert yourself exorcising the enemy. It’s time to experience the super fighting action! This game focuses on high speed hack and slash action! Use power-ups to create combos! Defeat evil enemies and bosses to WIN big!

Fight with all your might

In Every Hero MOD APK you will be transformed into a hero to fight with evil enemies and many different powers. With the same gameplay as many other action games, Every Hero also has the same gameplay, just a few simple steps that you can join the matches alone against the monsters.

Everything is peaceful together creating a beautiful space, but no, the world is immersed in a black color destroyed everything you have to make it green again. Then the player will become the hero of the whole world and become the idol of humanity.

To conquer that requires strength, use the weapons you have to fight vigorously to regain the peace before. Easy combat operations such as swiping the screen to roll, typing to hit.

Hero’s Quest

Battle of 1 hero vs 100 monsters

Players are transformed into characters to fight powerfully with 100 monsters. It sounds like a lot of pressure, but you can rest assured that as long as you fight with all your strength, those monsters will be destroyed. These demons are small, so they team up to fight the player, so their power is limited.

Great boss battle

In every battle, there are great leaders and rulers, only the little juniors dare to stand out. You have to pass different levels with unexpected missions. In Every Hero Unlimited Money MOD APK the terrible bosses appear last like giants, big demons, fire dragons, … you have to stay calm in these situations and use powerful moves, available items, treasure boxes and with the available power of the hero and fight hard with the survival missions.

Power Up

Through exciting and adventurous missions, the winning player is leveled up to fight the next battles. Every Hero MOD APK Free provides player support powers such as Ball punch, rocket dart, cross attack. Very attractive is waiting for you to experience. I believe that with power-ups like that, which is the best assistant for you, combined with action errors, you can easily become a hero in Every Hero MOD.

Rewards and hidden secrets

After winning battles with enemies, you have many prizes along with valuable in-game rewards. Step by step fight to become a hero Every Hero and receive rewards, what’s better. This reward is as a part of encouraging players’ morale. If you want to know what that reward is, download Every Hero now.

There are many secrets hidden in this virtual world for you to discover. Maybe that secret will help players in handling unexpected situations that occur in the game Every Hero as well as in real life.

Attractive graphics and sound

Every Hero brings amazing colorful 3D graphics that attract players who want to incarnate. Multiple colors blend together suitable for many realistic scenes. With vivid effects like being in a real match and the clearly visible characters of Every Hero MOD will not disappoint you.

The sound in the game Every Hero is very attractive and really sounds like the real thing. The battles appear smooth combined with the dramatic sound that can’t be beat.

MOD APK Version of Every Hero

MOD features 

Hack OneHit, Damage

No ads

Unlimited Money (Kill monsters to get 100,000 coins)

What’s new?

  • Hero ascension powers unlocked. New powers for your herors!
  • New languages: Arabic , Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia
  • New world boss invasion coming soon!
  • New secret mini game added.
  • And more other contents waiting for you to discover.

Download Every Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

For those who like action, it is impossible to ignore. Every Hero is a monster fighting game to become a hero of the most fascinating world I’ve ever experienced. If you don’t believe it, download Every Hero MOD APK Version and try to enjoy the challenging battle levels.