Name Hunter Tribe
OS SuportAndroid 5.1 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Updated in March 10, 2022

Have you ever wanted to challenge yourself into the strategy game, empire. Have experienced many games but still feel bored about those games. Follow me to have the experience of new, attractive games that attract you more. Hunter Tribe MOD APK is a game that will help you have more new experiences and gain the trust of players. So what’s so attractive about Hunter Tribe? The following article will answer your questions.

Introduce about Hunter Tribe

Hunter Tribe is a game in the genre of strategy, empire. For those who have a passion for power, becoming a powerful “king”, it would be a pity if you missed this fascinating game. In Hunter Tribe: Rule Kingdom you will build your kingdom from systems of walls, houses to armies, creating great power for the kingdom to win from other forces that threaten the kingdom. your.

Build and protect the kingdom to become a powerful empire

Enter the game Hunter Tribe, starting from zero, you will be the first citizen of the country, building a life alone, you will have to work and recruit the first citizens, do the jobs farm, accumulate food, cut wood to build houses, and at the same time perform the tasks given, to raise troops and build a solid defense line. Players need to be logical in the use of resources to use them for the right purposes. From there, strengthen the kingdom’s strength, defeat all the invasions of the enemy, and seize their resources for the benefit of your kingdom.

In the battle of power only two things happen:

“Win to be king, lose again”

If the strength of your kingdom is not strong enough to withstand the ravages of the enemy, everything you have built will be destroyed at the enemy’s speed. Military forces are damaged, you will have to build, and fortify from scratch. Therefore, accumulate your strength well before every battle, we can’t know when the enemy will come at any time, they will destroy our entire kingdom at any time. Once your army force is strong enough, go to the enemy’s lands to invade, expand the territory, and take the spoils, increase your power.

In addition to the elite army, you also need to equip yourself with an army of productive workers, do not only care about the army but forget about increasing production. Resources are one of the important factors that make up a powerful empire. Remember, when your kingdom is devastated, you need to have a large amount of resources to restore and upgrade your fighting force and defend your territory.

Game modes and upgrades for a mighty empire

Hunter Tribe is not a game with too high difficulty, does not require players to have long-term skills or experience. Hunter Tribe: Rule Kingdom requires players to have flexibility in using troops and upgrading the defense force.

Features in Hunter Tribe are optimized to help players be convenient and easy. The levels are getting harder and harder based on your kingdom’s strength. Invasion mode is placed separately on the islands, creating a variety of levels, not boring for players.

To make your kingdom stronger, fortresses, castles and battle forces are all equipped with different upgrade levels. Each level has a distinct shape, creating diversity, increasing the power of the empire according to each level, the higher the level, the greater the strength.

The system of soldiers and fighting forces is diverse, upgraded according to player level, the accompanying combat equipment is beautifully designed, bearing the appearance of mighty warriors.

Graphics and sound

Hunter Tribe uses basic 2D graphics, but does not cause discomfort, the images in Hunter Tribe: Rule Kingdom MOD APK still give the real feeling of an empire, from castles to soldiers. looks strong and powerful, harmonious colors, beautiful images, stable composition.

Sound is not a strong point of Hunter Tribe: Rule Kingdom. Sound effects are only used while you are fighting or upgrading castles, weapons, or when you win battles. Background music is not used at all, which is a drawback for those who like strong music while playing games, but for those who do not like the bustle, this is an advantage.

Hunter Tribe MOD APK Version 

MOD features 

Unlimited Money

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In addition, Hunter Tribe is also a game that can be played offline, you can sit anywhere to build your empire, with a person who has a passion for kingship and power, nothing can stop it. prevent them from becoming powerful emperors.

With an attractive game like Hunter Tribe: Rule Kingdom, then what are you waiting for without taking the challenge.

Courage makes a hero, strength makes a king.