Name Litmatch
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked, Unlimited Diamond
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Updated in June 30, 2022

Download Litmatch MOD APK now for Android, iPhone (IOS), if you want to meet new friends with versatile online chat tools. app is gradually asserting its own mark, so it is loved and used by many young people.

Introduce about Litmatch MOD APK

Match is quite a famous application today, with content similar to other social platforms because here users can meet new friends, this is a safe and warm exchange community. . You are free to share your actual thoughts and feelings with new friends. Since users of Litmatch are so cute and easy to get along with, talking is barrier-free.

People can experience emotional communication comfortably through various online interaction features. Most of Match’s users have become actual friends by taking initiative to take their first steps inspired by Litmatch amazing features such as starting a conversation and making new friends, scheduling online meetings, and so on. continue outside.

Outstanding features for Litmatch MOD APK

Discover what app has outstanding features that are used by so many people.

Meet new friends

It can be said that in this life, expanding relationships for yourself is very important. Find more new friends to help each other when you are in most difficult situations or simply want to find someone to confide in and express your feelings. A very prominent feature of Litmatch is that users can share their true feelings to opponent within 2 minutes. Litmatch through app user random matching system will choose friends that match you to show. If you are both impressed with each other, you can make new friends and become true friends or move on to more relationships.

Super cool avatars

When having an account, users should leave an avatar. Express your personality by adapting your unique avatar in library of many unique designs of Litmatch mod. With such individual avatars, opponent will know a part of your personality.

Share moment

Every day that goes by has many memorable moments or just simple moments you want to share with others, you can post on Litmatch apk. Sharing those great moments helps you bring positive energy from your life. Give others a more multifaceted and realistic view of you. Help new friends understand each other’s personalities, not shy, shy to keep a distance from each other. Live comfortably and share your daily life. In Litmatch community is where you can comfortably be yourself and share everything from simple to outstanding.

Soul Match

As mentioned above, Soul Match is to create a random encounter within 2 minutes. Although time is short, it is enough for you to know each other and if you are impressed, you can create a certain connection. This is a great solution for single men who want to find their “other half”.

Voice Match

Have a limited time voice call to get to know each other better. Users can tell other party anything they want. Enjoy wonderful moments with new friends with warm voices.

Party chat

In Litmatch MOD APK, players can join group chat rooms and invite their acquaintances to chat together. Share your own thoughts and feelings on your phone’s microphone. Can sing, tell stories, exchange… to receive warm support and interesting gifts from others.

Movie Match

Litmatch technical system is very smart when it comes to random people watching a recommended movie, they can discuss issues around movie creating a relaxed atmosphere, not shy… easily make friends more. This is plus point of this application.

Palm Match

Based on activities from user interests, app can make many predictions about your health, work and especially love. Young people of “gen Z” generation trust app because Litmatch community is very suitable for expressing their personality and looking for suitable friends.

MOD APK Version for Litmatch

MOD features 

VIP Unlocked
Unlimited Diamond 999k (Coming soon)
Unlimited Time Match
Vip Badge
Unlock Match History View
Unlimited Video Calling
Unlock Recorder Access

What’s new?

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download Litmatch MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond) for Android

After being introduced by me to Litmatch application and many good features, what are you waiting for without downloading Litmatch mod to your phone right away. There are many interesting things for you, especially lonely hearts that need someone to confide in and rest assured because of absolute safety of users’ information.

Wish you have great moments when experiencing Litmatch, maybe you will find right person for you!