Name PhotoStudio
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
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Updated in March 11, 2022

PhotoStudio MOD APK provides everything needed to edit your favorite images with simple operations. Free application functional tools to create professional photos.

Introduce about PhotoStudio 

You are a lover of art, especially good and professional photos. But still don’t know how or want to make the photos you take more professional, really good photos will make your own mark. So how to adjust the image to harmonize between colors or follow your own style to create a deep impression on the viewer. To answer those questions I will introduce you to the PhotoStudio application. Find out now what cool functions it has and will definitely suit your requirements.

Outstanding features of PhotoStudio

Free photo editing tool

The need to edit photos is more and more modern, so photo applications will be launched to serve users more. It can be said that PhotoStudio is one of the top applications to have in your phone because it is completely free and has many special uses.

In essence, PhotoStudio is a free photo editing application on mobile devices. But more special than the free application and there are many creative tools, stylize and animate your images make your photos complete with many interesting filters. If you read this far, you really want to learn more, right? Don’t wait any longer, I will answer it for you to understand in more detail.

Photo Enhance and Color Correction

Like other applications, PhotoStudio will make your photos instantly better with simple editing tools like contrast, saturation, warmth to make your photo colors harmonious. more harmonious, adjust to the style you want. Besides, there is also a tool for clarity that turns the user’s photo into a full HD image. Bright overlays are available to create photo art effects. Adjust color, sharpen, grain, denoise, blacks, whites, ambient, haze, blur, and more.

Perhaps among us all use different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok… the ratio of the photos posted on the websites is also different, so in the Photo Studio application there is a resize tool. image size, rotate vertically, horizontally depending on the user’s preferences suitable for each social networking site.

Simple and easy photo editing with quick operations. Suitable for most users who want to make their photos more professional. In just a few minutes, you can master Photo Studio like a seasoned photo editor.

When you want a photo with lots of captions, in the PhotoStudio application there is a tool to create text with unique fonts suitable for different situations of each photo. Create a unique charm for your photos.

Photography never goes out of style

The feature of adding sky photo background, with photos taken in the sky but the weather is bad or the sky can’t be captured, your original image will look very blurry, not eye-catching. With just a simple operation, your photo background will be replaced by any of the app’s beautiful sky. Add fresh colors to your photos with HD resolution. You can also edit the color tone to match the color of the photo.

In addition to colorful art-style photos like professional photographers, PhotoStudio also has the ability to create creative stickers for cute and fun concepts that are suitable for many girls. When using the application’s stickers, just select the sticker and adjust the sticker size to suit each face.

With the above tools, sometimes you are lazy to edit or do not have much time to edit photos in the most complete way, don’t worry about it because PhotoStudio application also has the feature to provide many attractive filters for users. use. Filters, also known as Filters, have many pre-set formulas for color, light, and effects that just need to be manipulated you can apply to your original photos. The filter changes the color balance to make your photos more artistic and outstanding. Let’s explore the attractive features above, surely you will not be disappointed.

MOD APK Version for PhotoStudio

MOD features 

PRO Unlocked


Download PhotoStudio MOD APK for Android

It can be said that PhotoStudio is an application where you can freely edit photos according to your personal preferences and pursue unique art styles that affirm your value through photos. If you want to have pictures with such colors, what are you waiting for, download PhotoStudio now to enhance your photo editing to a new level.