Name Rise of Dragon
OS SuportAndroid 5.0 and up
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Updated in September 6, 2022

With Rise of Dragon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Version, the role-playing game creates a sense of curiosity for players. For those of you who love power in battles to gain strength for yourself to become heroes, you cannot ignore the following Rise of Dragon game. Let’s find out with me what it is interesting to experience.

Introduce about Rise of Dragon

Rise of Dragon is a role-playing game, you will be transformed into characters to fight with monsters and gain the power of heroes. This attracts the curiosity of those who like to fight in the game. Perhaps we are too familiar with the image of the characters in the Dragon Ball movie, in the game Rise of Dragon will be the journey of those characters to overcome the difficult challenges encountered, the challenges will help players experience more new and unique features. Challenge global players to arenas in the virtual world and rise from there to the top of the leaderboards.

Game plot

Dragon Ball 7 is no stranger to everyone’s childhood. We have also experienced many games that are set in this story. The main plot of Rise of Dragon MOD APK is also based on those familiar things. There is the main character Goku and his friends together in search of the seven dragon balls. On that long journey they have to go through many difficult challenges fighting with gladiators and demons. Through battles, learn many special martial arts moves.

Attractive gameplay

When participating in the game Rise of Dragon MOD COINS, you will be role-playing and put yourself in that role to experience a very authentic challenge. The gameplay against enemies has made the main brand for games like this. You will be playing the role of your favorite characters and then fighting with the enemies who are monsters. Your main goal is to take down all the opponents to win the glory.

Rise of Dragon supplement can fight in groups, increasing strength for yourself. This game features gameplay such as PVP human-to-person mode and also has PVE gameplay that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game world through activities and missions.

Novel combat missions

To attract players to Rise of Dragon MOD APK, of course, there are many tasks that you must perform. The attractive task is that you have to increase your strength and have to fight to upgrade the characters you play. Perform powerful combo attacks and use smart strategy to rule the game world.

Rise of Dragon is for children 12 years and older because the game has a small violence nature through missions to fight enemies to get diamonds and rank and rank of the role-playing characters. With just simple operations, you can easily perform novel tasks. Besides, you can also create a guild to play with friends, increase the strength of your teammates to defeat giant Bosses or compete for territory with other players.

Many upgrade items

After completing the tasks in Rise of Dragon, the character you play will be upgraded to many levels, attracting players. Create an attractive playground that you will definitely have to try. To upgrade your rank, you will have to master basic to advanced fighting skills in the process of fighting monsters. That is not difficult for players who just need simple operations such as touching the screen and using tools to win to become the strongmen in Rise of Dragon.

Graphics and sound

When playing Rise of Dragon, gamers will experience eye-catching graphics, promising to bring the feeling of authenticity like fighting directly with the opponent. The meticulousness of the game maker is shown through the smallest details in the game. The background of the match is eye-catching, harmonious, and suitable for the player, and the surrounding scenery is also the most complete.

The sound element in the game also plays a part in the success of the game. Rise of Dragon is no exception, it can be said that the sound is very realistic, creating a feeling of closeness to the player. In the process of fighting sounds engaging in the battle.

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Overall, Rise of Dragon is a quality game for mobile devices today. There are many positive reviews on Google Play that show that players have a very good game experience. Download the game Rise of Dragon Unlimited Money MOD APK today to participate in the never-ending battles of heroes and form a powerful team to defeat the evil.